I.G. Pflanzenzucht has new admissions in winter cereals!

In March, new cereal varieties were approved by the Bundessortenamt for I.G. Pflanzenzucht. Thus, the I.G. Pflanzenzucht continues to focus on high-performance and innovative varieties in all crop types.

Strong winter barley newcomers

The two-row winter barley ARTHENE convinces in the three-year value test with high to very high yields, a superior grain quality and the best straw stability of all the two-row varieties. This is the result of the unique combination of a particularly low susceptibility to lodging, brackeling and ear loss (Score 3/2/3). The outstanding grain quality of ARTHENE is reflected in phenomenal yields of the sieving fraction > 2,2 mm and 2,5 mm as well as the top score of 9 in TGW and 7 in specific weight. The yellow mosaic virus-resistant variety ARTHENE is ideally suited for marketing and for high-quality fodder production.

With ARKONA you go for high yields. The two-row variety combines highest grain yields with early maturity, which ensures appealing grain qualities even when exposed to drought and heat. ARKONA is suitable for all growing locations and is characterised by an excellent resistance profile to all leaf diseases. Thus, the yellow mosaic  virus-resistant variety ARKONA achieved high to very high yields in the three-year evaluation in the untreated stage without fungicide application.

Healthy and powerful variety supply for winter triticale

PRESLEY is the king of triticale cultivation. It easily delivers high to very high grain yields which have been awarded the top score of 8. Due to its short growth paired with a very good stability, PRESLEY stays on top. A highlight is also the well-balanced resistance profile, with excellent resistance to yellow and brown rust.

The short triticale variety CHARME impresses with brilliant yields and a spectacular resistance profile. The combination of extensive resistance to powdery mildew (Score 3), septoria (Score 3), yellow and brown rust (Score 2) and high tolerance to tombstone scab (Score 4) is absolutely unique in the triticale sector. Thanks to its outstanding profile, the CHARME variety enables highly profitable cultivation under extensive conditions.

BOGART delivers an Oscar-worthy performance. Besides its talent for high to very high yields, it convinces in the field with its exceptionally good leaf health. The short variety BOGART is also extremely stable.

The new varieties PRESLEY, CHARME and BOGART combine profitability and ecology due to their excellent agronomic properties, the extremely high yield potential and the outstanding resistance profile.

Source: Bundessortenamt 2021