Our new „Ancient cereal crops” leaflet is now available!

In recent years, ancient cereal crops have become increasingly popular with farmers and consumers alike. Spelt in particular is currently experiencing a real “boom”. The shareholders of I.G. Pflanzenzucht have been involved in the breeding of so-called “ancient cereal varieties” for over 100 years in some cases. Thanks to this intensive breeding work, innovative and high-performance varieties of spelt, emmer and durum can now be offered to agriculture and the processing industry.

Our new brochure provides advice and information about the up-and-coming crops spelt, emmer and durum. You will get an insight into the historical development, the current market as well as tips for cultivation and crop management. The brochure also provides information on I.G. Pflanzenzucht’s wide range of varieties of ancient cereals.

The brochure can be downloaded below.