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The company I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH

I.G. Pflanzenzucht is one of the most important sales organizations of agricultural crops in Germany. Especially in the field of winter cereals, I.G. Pflanzenzucht has been leading markets for years.

I.G. means community of interest. The common interest of the associates of I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH is to introduce the varieties into the market and to develop them market-orientated in various regions. For this, we have a powerful and experienced sales team available.

IGP POLSKA in Poland

The varieties of the associates and partners of I.G. Pflanzenzucht are, besides Germany, distributed in almost 40 countries. With the help of local, private and official trial systems, the varieties are extensively evaluated prior to their market introduction. In Poland, sales are organised by IGP POLSKA since 2013.

Based on more than 90 years of experience of I.G. Pflanzenzucht in breeding and sale of seeds, IGP POLSKA focuses on the professional delivery of carefully selected, most suitable plant varieties for the Polish and Baltic markets. Apart from a great offer of cultivated species such as winter crops, spring crops, maize and winter oilseed rape, IGP POLSKA also has access to breeding programmes for the following species: emmer, spelt, soybeans, lupins and peas.


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